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With axle combinations available up to a 13 axle we are able to haul up to 160,000 lbs. And if it’s too large to go on the road, we have the ability to handle any rail needs you may require to get the job done as well. One of our clients requested us to move a 212,000 lbs pressure vessel from Cornwall, ON to Kalium, SK. Due to the diameter of 15’5 ft, going over the road the whole way was not an option. Instead, through thorough planning we arranged to transport to a nearby rail siding on a vessel deck, offloaded with a crane onto the rail, and shipped directly to the customers rail siding. What made this job unique, besides doing a route survey for the trucking aspect, we arranged a rail survey due to the overall height and length to ensure all necessary precautions were being made to have this arrive safe. Also, recently we moved 4 - 108,000 lbs anchor reels out of Mexico during the spring thaw ban. With the help of a Mexican carrier we were able to move them into Laredo, TX where we transferred onto our equipment and delivered directly to the offshore rig awaiting them in Nova Scotia.
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